Our History

1985 was the birth of the “Christian Academy and Ministries” a  group of enthusiastic, charitable people who as part of their outreach to the  community held a free Christmas Dinner for individuals who might find themselves  in need of a friendly face and a wholesome meal on Christmas Day.  The first dinner was held in McMartin  House, but as the attendance was more than expected, it was decided that the  following year the dinner would be held in the larger Farrell Hall.  Farrell Hall became the place where the  dinner would be held for the next 21 years.  In this time the  attendance grew to more than 150 including meals delivered.             

For the  first eleven years meals were served to individuals as they remained seated.  At the  beginning, the Christmas meal was entitled “Loving and Giving” .  In 1996 an eager, local  gardener presented a very large hubbard squash and as the sight of this 40 lb  squash was rather appealing the style of serving was changed to buffet style so the  squash could be seen as it was served out of its shell.  More recently, it was felt  appropriate to call the event the “Perth Community Christmas Dinner”.

In 2007 the Christmas Dinner was held just once at the  Factory Grind in the old Brown Shoe Building.  In 2008 it was moved to the Code’s Mill Building where the dinner has been served since then.

In 2012  the dinner was renamed the “Perth Community Christmas Day Dinner” and the serving style reverted back to service directly on the plate as it is expected there will be less waste using  this method. 

In 2013, the committee responsible for the annual Community Christmas Day Dinner has formalized its organization and is now known as the Perth Christmas Dinner Association.

The Perth  Community Christmas Day Dinner event continues to be operated by volunteers with financial and food support from local businesses and the community, and although those who fund, organize and attend the event may change from year to year the mission remains the same:  to invite everyone in the Perth community to enjoy a wholesome, free Christmas meal on Christmas day and to welcome one and all as a very special guest.

Regrettably, the Covid-19 pandemic meant that we were unable to hold the event in 2020 and 2021.