We regret that

the 37th annual

Perth Community Christmas Day Dinner 

December 25, 2021


due to ongoing concerns about

the COVID 19 Pandemic

The Perth Christmas Dinner Association Committee met to discuss what we might do this Christmas. We talked about a socially distanced sit down dinner and agreed that was not workable. We also discussed takeout and/or delivery options and how we might be able to make that work. At the same time we discussed some of the risks and challenges for our group and the many volunteers that we would need to involve, as well as our guests.

 We all agreed that the main purpose and benefit of our annual dinner is to provide a social experience for our guests. All of them look forward to the event and for many, the food is secondary. 

 After much discussion, we came to the difficult decision to cancel our Christmas Dinner for 2021. Hopefully, we will be able to return to a sit down dinner in 2022.

 We will be putting a message in the EMC and contacting Lake 88 to ensure our message is widely communicated to those who usually attend the dinner.

Thank you to all of you for your support and involvement with our dinner in the past and we look forward to future dinners.

The Perth Christmas Dinner Association